Why Migrate to the Cloud? Surprising Benefits of Cloud Migration

Why Migrate to the Cloud? Surprising Benefits of Cloud Migration
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More than 70% of organizations are already using cloud-based services intending to touch new heights and to ensure business continuity. Unlimited business scalability, extended measurability, uninterrupted service availability, improved disaster recovery, assured reliability, are some other powerful reasons for businesses to adopt cloud computing technologies more strenuously. Flexera surveyed global decision-makers and 50% of them confirmed that cloud usage and spending will increase.

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What is Cloud Migration?

The process of transferring digital business operations into the cloud is known as cloud migration. It refers to transferring data, applications, IT processes, software products from on-premises data centers or legacy infrastructure to the cloud. It is similar to physical transfer, except that instead of packing and moving items to a new physical place, it rather involves moving digital assets from one data center to another.

Cloud Migration Benefits

Cloud migration has a lot of sure-fire benefits for its entrants. However, it is essential to hire a trustworthy cloud consulting service that can help you choose an appropriate migration strategy and the best cloud hosting platform. Businesses that offer Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can gain unmatched growth prospects from cloud platforms.


Scalability is a nerving challenge that organizations face across their business journey. Having workloads in the cloud, you can quickly respond to peak demands and lower capacity when it’s necessary. On-premise hosting involves complex infrastructure moderations and a huge budget, making enterprises struggle to provide competent services and they lack behind. The advent of cloud service changed the whole scenario and empowered businesses of all kinds to improvise at scale.

Reduce IT  Costs

With the cloud, you don’t require exorbitant server equipment, there’s no need to spend on its maintenance, and pay substantial electricity bills. You don’t even need to pay DevOps specialists and system administrators for backups and hardware maintenance. Cloud vendors offer pay-as-you-go pricing which means you only pay for the computing power you use.

Improved Security

Reputed and reliable cloud providers like AWS among others regularly upgrade their services and make sure to use the latest industry standards and comply with regulations. All transactions across the cloud environment are wrapped with strict security features for reliable business operations.


Cloud computing allows you and your team to access applications from anywhere in the world at any time. This means you can provide a flexible schedule to your employees, they can access data and authorized applications all from their comfort with an internet access point. Cloud services are highly available at any scale.

Cloud migration is highly essential for business continuity and a great investment that pays off pretty soon for most enterprises. Dotsquares are reliable and professional AWS Migration Consultants, they have helped multiple organizations successfully migrate to AWS.

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