AWS Site Reliability

With DevOps practices increasing everywhere also in every business, the need for a specialized team to protect against security threats is essential. Site Reliability Engineering is the next and essential step in the DevOps practice.

Our AWS Site Reliability Engineering services ensure information systems’ reliability and maintainability. Certified SRE engineers at Dotsquares help you deploy fault-tolerant applications on the AWS Cloud by utilizing a combination of infrastructure and application resilience frameworks. They can efficiently and expertly handle your complex infrastructure issues, and helping clients avoid downtime and outages.

Key Benefits of the Service

  • Improves Website Uptime
  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Threat Detection
  • Improve System Performance

What is the reliability of AWS?

The reliability pillar encompasses the ability of a workload to perform its intended function correctly and consistently when it’s expected to.

What is SRE in AWS?

SRE in AWS denotes Site Reliability Engineer. It’s a job function, a mindset and a combination of engineering practices to create highly reliable systems.

What is SRE Model?

Site Reliability Engineering is a software engineering approach to IT operations.  SRE professionals use the software as a tool to manage systems, solve problems and automate operations tasks.

What does Site Reliability Engineer do?

The SRE engineer builds software’s that improves the reliability of the high scale systems and solve problems.

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