AWS Consulting Services

As an experienced AWS consulting partner, Dotsquares is dedicated to helping businesses of all types and sizes in achieving their desired goals.

Our AWS cloud consultants work with the organization to help understand their objectives and requirements, then help them achieve their business goals by deploying the digital levers of cost optimization, performance engineering, auto-scaling, server-less, and containers.

From assessment, strategy, roadmap, design, build, and migration to adoption, optimization, management of data, analytics, and security, our AWS consulting services cover almost everything!

Key Benefits of the Service

  • Trusted guidance
  • Transparency
  • Technical expertise
  • Highly experienced AWS certified solution architects and engineers.

What do AWS consultants do?

AWS consultants are the experts who can design, develop, test, and maintain different IT infrastructures hosted on AWS. They have specialization in different areas of cloud computing. Our AWS consultants are certified and highly professional to provide expert guidance on best practices for cloud design and deployments, they can also help strengthen your cloud migration strategies.

What do you get from AWS Consulting?

AWS is the leading cloud service provider, organizations can utilize a wide range of cloud services and products through the AWS platform. Our AWS consulting services involve:

  • Design, build and manage workloads on AWS
  • Migration, optimization, deployment and management services
  • Ensure the right implementation of an AWS infrastructure
  • Create and align your cloud strategy
  • Develop personalized frameworks
  • AWS migration strategy and detailed migration plan, and much more!

What are the benefits of using a service like AWS?
Using a service like AWS has a list of benefits:

  • AWS can be used to store critical data
  • Can be used for file indexing and storage
  • AWS offers flexibility & affordability
  • Reliable encryption and security
  • Scalable and high performance
  • Unlimited server capacity
  • An incredible array of tools and lots more!

Still Not Sure If AWS Cloud Will Fit Your Business Use Case?

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