AWS Advisory Services

Dotsquares is an AWS partner, our AWS cloud advisory services help you migrate and build on the AWS Cloud, bringing excellent growth possibilities.

Our AWS cloud experts bring you improved agility, security, flexibility, governance, performance, and also cost savings. They even help organizations with infrastructure assessment, cost analysis, the scope of migration, and more!

Move to the cloud with us, you’ll find exciting and better ways to harness the power of cloud computing. With Dotsquare’s expertise in infrastructure, analytics, and DevOps, take advantage of Amazon Web Services and Automated Cloud Operations.

Key Benefits of the Service

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve performance
  • Improve security
  • Monitor service quotas
  • Fault tolerance

What is AWS Trusted Advisor?
AWS Trusted Advisor is your customized cloud expert! It inspects all the resources present in your AWS account, observe best practices for the use of AWS, and then suggests improvements.

What are the categories of AWS Trusted Advisor?

AWS Trusted Advisor provides best practice recommendations across five categories including cost optimization, performance, security, fault tolerance, and service limits.

What does AWS Trusted Advisor do?

AWS Trusted Advisor is a service that allows a cloud administrator to provision amazon web resources according to best practices in four categories: cost optimization, security, fault tolerance, and performance improvement. It’s a service that also offers recommendations to help you follow AWS best practices.

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